Sunday, August 24, 2008

Let the Games Begin

The 2008 Olympics may be ending tonight, but the real games are starting tomorrow. It's the first day of school! at least for most public schools around here. Though I'm not teaching anymore, my life still has a drastic shift with the beginning of the school year. Therapy schedules change, needs change with the added stress of school. Tutoring starts and my work load just about doubles. The first student will be knocking on the door on Tuesday. I'm excited, and nervous, about all of it coming together. There is something so magical about the end of summer, the beginning of so many new things, so many possibilities, a new school year stretched out in front of me. For all you who still follow the school year calendar, here's to a great year!!!

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Jehnie said...

I hope it all comes together smoothly. I know exactly how you feel; the beginning of the year always bring the nerves of a new year along with the hopes and the expectations.