Sunday, January 25, 2009

Science Museum

Cooper and I had a great day at the Carnegie Science Center yesterday. We met his two best pals, Eleanor and Ryder there as well. Fun times!!!

Launching balls down the water table rivers

Helping balls take flight on a stream of air
Team work by Eleanor and Cooper

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mr. President

Cooper enjoyed the excitement this morning. The enormity of it all is a bit overwhelming to me. To think that my children, my son and my daughter, will never know a world without a Black President. Amazing.

As President Obama was walking through the Capital:

When President Obama made his appearance on the platform:

Do you see the genuine excitement in little Cooper's face? Did you feel it emanating throughout our country?

Monday, January 12, 2009

From Erik's Blog

Had to steal this from Erik's blog. One of my favorite recent Cooper stories that happened this weekend.

“I’m thinking in my brain”

I was driving around with Cooper this weekend. We were running a few errands just the two of us and had a few funny conversations.

While we were driving, he said something to me that I didn’t fully understand. So I repeated back to him what I thought he was saying, to which he would reply, “NO!” until I nailed it. I don’t remember exactly what I tried, but here are a few things that give you the flavor of the things I tried: I’m sinking in the rain, I’m linking in the grain, I’m drinking in the drain. None of these really made sense, and Cooper was starting to get a bit frustrated.

As it turns out. He was saying: “I’m thinking in my brain.” Well, of course that’s what he was saying it makes perfect sense now. I tried, but failed to figure out how he had formulated this idea, so I did the next best thing and pursued the dialogue to its logical conclusions. I asked him, “What are you thinking about in your brain?” to which he replied, “trains!”

Here’s how the whole conversation went:

Cooper: I’m ——ing in my —-.

Me: You’re drinking in the rain?

Cooper: No, I’m ——ing in my —-.

Me: You’re stinking in the lane?

Cooper: No!, I’m ——ing in my —-.

Me: You’re blinking in the drain?

Cooper: NO!, I’m ——ing in my —-.

Me: Oh, you’re thinking in your brain.

Cooper: “Yeah. I’m thinking in my brain.”

<– I try in vain to get him to explain how/where he learned about thinking in his brain –>

Me: “What are you thinking about in your brain?”

Cooper: “Trains! What are you thinking about in your brain, Pa?”

<– we have a discussion about what each of us are thinking about –>

Me: “What are you thinking about in your brain now?”

Cooper: “I’m all finished.”

<– a couple seconds pass in silence –>

Cooper: “I can’t stop thinking in my brain!”

Sunday, January 11, 2009

When a Tutoring Student Canceled....

We got to build a ginger bread house! Obviously this is a bit out of date, and occurred back in December.

Cooper's rules for making a ginger bread house:

1. The candy is only for decorating the house. (he got VERY upset with me when I ate some)
2. You can only use the candy in the kit. Extras like M & Ms and chocolate chips are not allowed.
3. The house must look like the picture and Cooper is more than happy to sit back watch that happen.

Could we have a little perfectionist on our hands?

Cooper's New Bed

We finally got Cooper a new bed, a bit over due. He is trilled with it and slept well his first night in.

We also got Coop a new book shelf. Unfortunately, a couple pieces were damaged so had to be returned today. More pictures of that later.