Monday, January 12, 2009

From Erik's Blog

Had to steal this from Erik's blog. One of my favorite recent Cooper stories that happened this weekend.

“I’m thinking in my brain”

I was driving around with Cooper this weekend. We were running a few errands just the two of us and had a few funny conversations.

While we were driving, he said something to me that I didn’t fully understand. So I repeated back to him what I thought he was saying, to which he would reply, “NO!” until I nailed it. I don’t remember exactly what I tried, but here are a few things that give you the flavor of the things I tried: I’m sinking in the rain, I’m linking in the grain, I’m drinking in the drain. None of these really made sense, and Cooper was starting to get a bit frustrated.

As it turns out. He was saying: “I’m thinking in my brain.” Well, of course that’s what he was saying it makes perfect sense now. I tried, but failed to figure out how he had formulated this idea, so I did the next best thing and pursued the dialogue to its logical conclusions. I asked him, “What are you thinking about in your brain?” to which he replied, “trains!”

Here’s how the whole conversation went:

Cooper: I’m ——ing in my —-.

Me: You’re drinking in the rain?

Cooper: No, I’m ——ing in my —-.

Me: You’re stinking in the lane?

Cooper: No!, I’m ——ing in my —-.

Me: You’re blinking in the drain?

Cooper: NO!, I’m ——ing in my —-.

Me: Oh, you’re thinking in your brain.

Cooper: “Yeah. I’m thinking in my brain.”

<– I try in vain to get him to explain how/where he learned about thinking in his brain –>

Me: “What are you thinking about in your brain?”

Cooper: “Trains! What are you thinking about in your brain, Pa?”

<– we have a discussion about what each of us are thinking about –>

Me: “What are you thinking about in your brain now?”

Cooper: “I’m all finished.”

<– a couple seconds pass in silence –>

Cooper: “I can’t stop thinking in my brain!”

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Anonymous said...

Yes, that IS my brilliant grandson who may have a brain like his gramma's that doesn't ever turn off! Oh, he is so dear!!!!! And his father knows exactly how to stimulate that wonderful brain. I am so grateful!