Friday, November 14, 2008

Halloween 2008

Here are some late Halloween pictures. Cooper and I made a last minute trip to Michigan for the Halloween weekend. Cooper loved his costume (conceptualized by me, created by Erik. Check out Flickr for some better shots.). He made it to about 6 houses trick-or-treating before losing interest, preferring to watch the other kids in their costumes and blow bubbles. The weather was unseasonably warm which made for a great night for everyone.

Ready to go with Grampa

Heading down the driveway

The first stop was at the Sweeney's,
my parents' next-door neighbors.
They had quite a set up with a table, chairs,
firepit, and wine.
What a way to give out the candy!

Off to the next house!

Sampling the loot and blowing bubbles with Gramma.

Reilly (dressed at Mark Phelps) and Cooper

Reilly and Jack (dressed as a commando,
which he thought was a strange name for his
costume because it sounds like he isn't
wearing any underwear)

The three cousins (and one proud Grampa)

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PLEASE put those precious pictures on Flickr! I NEED them!