Sunday, September 6, 2009

Entering Lego Land

Today we took Cooper to the Lego store and purchased his first 'real' Legos. Tonight he was feeling a little "buildy". (Side note....Cooper is the master of turning anything into an adjective. He often feelings "watchy" when he wants to watch TV. He even felt "looky aty" when he wanted to look at the games at the Ohio State Fair) Coop and Erik worked diligently on building his new garbage truck.

I love how Cooper presses his little self into Erik's side.

Erik had Cooper compare what they built to the instructional pictures. Erik is such an amazing teacher...incredibly patient and the perfect combination of helpful and pushing Cooper to do things independently.

Little fingers working earnestly.

So many hours of fun to come!!!!


Anonymous said...

How lovely - father and son and what a father! I have never had an ounce of patience and admire Erik so. Couldn't have picked a better son-in-law!!!!!

Jehnie said...

You're opening yourself up for HOURS of fun. And lots of little pieces to pick up.
Legos are THE go-to toy in my house. Enjoy! I hope Coop has fun with them.

Lee said...

OMG - how cute! "buildy" :)