Thursday, October 22, 2009

She's a Whole Lotta Love

Sweet Ellery turned 6 months old last week. We celebrated with some cupcakes.

A bit about Ellery....

she has serious love for her brother and laughs her biggest belly laughs when he is around

is a hard hitting pacifier girl (not sure what she was doing with it in the photo below)

has a very sweet little girly voice and also yells joyfully at volumes that are simply shocking

gives the best great big strong hugs

is possibly the loviest baby I have ever been around including trying to lay on big fat sloppy kisses all the time

is 20 pounds strong at six months (This last fact is especially shocking to me when I think that I've been growing her strong on mama's milk with the exception of a small handful of first solids.)

Happy half birthday to my baby girl!!!


Emilie said...

i want to eat her. she CAN'T be 6 months old already! Go mommy (and your milk!) xo

Lee said...

Happy half birthday Ellery!! And kudos to you mama for all that work you've done growing such a beautiful healthy girl.