Monday, October 29, 2007

Yeah Red Sox!!!!

I think a little piece of my heart will always live in New England. I lived for two years in Boston and over a year in Portland, Maine, and it is a rare day that I don't long for the New England coast. A person can't live in New England and not become a Red Sox fan. I think they must put something in the water. (Like when was Emilie ever a sports fan?) And it is so exciting that the Red Sox have won their second World Series in three years.

Unfortunately, I have yet to actually watch the Red Sox win. The first time they won in 2004 I had just moved to Pittsburgh and our TV hadn't arrived, and being new to the city we didn't even know where to go to watch the big game. Last night I have only fatigue to blame. Erik was away for the weekend so playing single parent wiped me out. I made it to the 7th inning at least, and had a good feeling they were going to win.

So congrats to all the Red Sox and how I wish I could join the party in Boston!!!!

P.S. Now it is time to cheer for the Patriots! Just don't tell anyone here. That is punishable by death in Steeler Country!


Anonymous said...

How about the Lions too...they are doing great! But I am a Steeler fan now, with the Sweeneys next door and your there.

AvidReader said...

Mark actually bought the boys Steeler's jerseys! Peer pressure at its best.

Kara said...

very daring to chime "go patriots" in Steeler Nation! Jack is wearing his Steeler Jersey today. He looks adorable minus the snot from his runny nose, LOL! LOVE

Emilie said...

first of all, welcome back! i watched october disappear while looking at your "Where did September go?" post! secondly, i wish you'd been here to watch the sox win with me. sam was getting sleepy too so i made him stand up for the last 2 innings. (in case you hadn't figured it out, i was inspired to make it to see my man papelbon, though he sort of killed my attraction with his antics at the parade. but that's okay.) when they win next year, you'll be up.
love you,