Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ornament Exchange

Last night I went to an ornament exchange with some friends. I found this hilarious one as my contribution to the swap. I can't help but wonder how many of these were made and how many people have them hanging on their tree, clueless of the mistake.


Kara said...

that is really funny!

Val said...

Hi Kelly!
This is a first for me to comment on someone's blog! I saw your link in an email you sent, saw this entry and looked.

Today, someone told me that Pittsburgh used to be spelled WITHOUT an H on the end! It was apparently changed in 1904 or 1906 to add the H. I haven't checked it out...but it came up because we are remodelling a house that was built in one of those years, so the remodeler was looking for Newspapers that had Pittsburgh spelled without the H.

OK. So, now I shall go stalk the rest of your blog:)

Val (my screen name, you'll know who I am!)