Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Cooper's First Real Haircut

I am admittedly a bit behind on blogging after a long visit to Michigan. In any event, here some attempts to catch up.

Cooper had his first real haircut at a place that specializes in children's haircuts called Little Snips. Up until now, Erik and I have been completing all haircuts, for a couple reasons: we are cheap and fear the miniature business man haircut on our son. But, Cooper's behavior during haircuts was resulting in haircuts in stages and sometimes frightening results. So, we took him for a good cut, and it proved successful. Much to our amazement, Cooper sat pretty still and quietly while the girl snipped away. The car shaped seat and Elmo on TV helped, but I'm encouraged that Cooper is already showing signs of behaving better for strangers than for his parents.

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Val said...

Hey! Liam had the same stylist...she was great! Did my hair, too....not too bad.