Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Mini DoDoDooo

Growing up a strangely favorite play-thing in our house was a do-do-dooooo, which was our word for an empty paper towel roll, or if you were really lucky, an empty wrapping paper roll. These card board tubes were instantly fun musical instrument; simply go "do-do-dooo" in the end of the tube and that's it! Easy fun!!! Erik and I have taught Cooper about this, and he loves it too.

Yesterday morning while I was washing my face I could hear Cooper downstairs saying "do-doooo" (he doesn't quite have the 3 syllables down yet). Here is what my ingenious boy was doing.

What do you have Cooper?

Play Cooper, play!!!!!

Looking so proud of himself surrounded by tampons.


sjhw810 said...

$10,000 - Funniest Home Videos!!!!!

My brilliant grandson. Good thing I love him!

Kara said...

omg!! That is hilar!! Love it

Emilie said...

if i am ever having a bad day, i'll come back and watch this. how did you even hold the camera steady?

AvidReader said...

OMG I can only imagine! That is hysterical!

Emilie said...

p.s. he is going to KILL you for this when he is 16.