Friday, June 20, 2008

Build a Dog

Cooper had his first visit to Build a Bear while my mom was here. To set the scene, I shopping in another store and since Cooper is the most impatient shopper, my mom took him down to Build a Bear. I figured he would just look around, because he has never really been interested before. According to my mom, he walked around the whole store checking everything out and watched another little girl build an animal. My mom then asked if he wanted to get an animal, presenting some options to him. He turned it all down, finding what he wanted all on his own -- a dog that looks like a black lab, very similar to our dear chocolate lab. Fortunately, I walked in just in time to watch him build the dog and capture it all.

Pushing the pedal to fill his dog with stuffing

Squeezing the heart

Putting the heart in his dog

Waiting for the dog to get sewn up

Giving his dog a bath

Brushing his fur

A big hug for his new dog

Cooper was so serious about building his dog and taking good care of him. He calls the dog bubba (which is what he calls all dogs) and now calls Scout "Pa Bubba". He is quite enamored with his new bubba, and was so cute walking him up to bed that night, making him bark all the way up the stairs. He then introduced the new bubba to his other bubba (another dog he sleeps with). I know, too many bubbas, but until the boy decides to expand his vocabulary, we're stuck.

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Anonymous said...

I'm keeping that day in a very special part of my mind and heart to revisit whenever I need to know I am not alone! It was a great, great day.