Thursday, June 19, 2008

This is Sparta!

This is so cool on so many levels. Apparently several months ago high school students around the country joined a group on Facebook with very simple instructions: write "This is Sparta!", somewhere in the middle of the essay on every Advanced Placement test you take and draw one line through it. Graders are instructed to dismiss anything that is crossed out. You can read here how one grader took notice and how the exclamation added a bit of inspiration for what seems to me to be a dreary job. While the kids didn't change the world by an means, or make any huge societal statement, I think it is so amazing that a small act of rebellion can take on an entire country, coast to coast.

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Emilie said...

I passed this very funny story on to the two AP teachers in my dept. They thought it was hilarious too. The powers of facebook!

great talking to you for so long last night. i was sleepy this morning, but not mad at you for it :))

love you,e