Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Try Something New Tuesday

I am well aware that the date today is April 27 and spring is in the air. But my preoccupied mind has been craving something warm and comforting. The weather has also turned cooler, as it does in the spring, and we are back in long sleeves and light jackets. So baking was surely in order, and fall flavored baking at that.

I've had a can of pumpkin calling to me for weeks and I've been looking for some healthier cookie recipes. Today I put it all together.

Spring Time Pumpkin Cookies!

You can find the recipe here. They are super yummy, almost more like a muffin than a cookie, nice and light, not too sweet. Just what I was hoping for. I opted against the chocolate chips. Such an easy recipe that I will definitely make again. Maybe next time I'll wait until they are seasonably appropriate. But, maybe not. They are that good!

Here is Cooper trying something new on Tuesday:

I love how proud he was to open the can all by himself (almost).

I love helping Cooper learn to do something new. But, I must confess that this is not what usually happens when we bake "together". Let's just say I could improve my patience. There's a lot of "let me do it. Let Me Do It. JUST LET ME DO IT!"And that comes from me, not Cooper. I'm trying to let go more and just be with what happens, even if it isn't as planned or gets messed up. I'm trying to remember that the time is what is precious, being together and creating memories. The cookies? Well, they just add a little extra sweetness to our day.

Have you tried anything new lately?


Dena Moon Clinger said...

Seasonally appropriate? That is always! Any time they sound good! which is now...so I think I'll make some. Cute cute pictures! What a big smile!

brooke said...

hi kelly! i make these cookies too and i LOVE them! such a nice, fluffy consistency.