Monday, June 7, 2010

On Turning 36

I'm a strong believer in how you start something is how you get to live it every day. With that in mind I chose to begin my 36th year achieving a new goal -- running a 10K.

The morning starting with a kids race with one very enthusiastic 4 year old participant.

The kids started with some serious stretching and a quick explanation of the course.

And they're off!!!!

Here they come, nearing the finish line.

Don't you love how he is looking straight at the camera?

After Cooper received his "first place medal" it was time for me to race. Things started a bit roughly as my iPod had some technical difficulties. I ended up having to fiddle with it for the first couple minutes, cursing technology and myself for not preparing everything perfectly.

Here I am fiddling and cursing.

I eventually got the iPod working and found my rhythm. I nearly made my goal time of finishing in under 1 hour, crossing the finish line at 1:00.33, wearing a big smile on my face, proud of my achievement and so grateful to see Erik, Cooper and Ellery waiting for me and cheering me on.

Here's to a strong, active, love filled, goal achieving, creative, hard working 36th year of being ME!

4 comments: said...

i LOVE pictures of little kids running! He looks like the wind!

You look so strong and awesome, kelly. happy birthday again!

Leigh said...

Great job Kelly, and great way to start "36"! I have 2 days left of 35, and have my list of what to accomplish this year.

Rochelle said...

Wonderful post Kelly. Very inspirational! I will have to start my 30th year off to a rocking start next year!! Congrats on running a 10k!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

HI Kelly! I am SO SORRY I am just now getting to read this post. I am about ten years behind on everything in my life right now.

Thank you so much for sharing this with me. Just over an hour! THAT IS AWESOME!!! Looks like a great event. Maybe I can make an hour 10K finish my goal for my 36th birthday (in three years). (It will take me that long to work up to that speed!)