Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Books, Glorious Books

In the past few weeks an even more intense love of reading books has been bursting out of Cooper. He now begs us to read certain books, and each reading session often consists of reading the same chosen book over, and over, and over again. Along with a increased love of reading stories, Cooper is in the midst of what the child development experts would call a "language explosion". While he definitely is far from speaking in sentences, he does have some short phrases, and for the first time really is trying to repeat what we say, thereby picking up new words all the time. Very exciting for the mom of a quiet boy.

Over the weekend, Cooper and I engaged in one of the most magical childhood activities...building a "fort". There is nothing quite like creating a new special space to cuddle up in. We had so much fun pretending we were driving a rocket ship and squeezing the whole family, Scout included, into the little cavern. The day with the fort ended reading Cooper's new book, Tip Tip, Dig Dig, a big big hit!!!

Here are some pictures of these highlights....

Cooper has some special hand motions
to go along with the actions in the book.
Here, he is dig, dig, dig-ing.

Listening so intently.

A kiss for the boy at the end of the book.

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Anonymous said...

I think Cooper needs those pics for his room! So precious and so loving of his special mommy and pa!!!!!