Monday, February 4, 2008

Candidate Quizes

My friend Kara posted a quiz on her blog about which candidate you best match. I find these quizzes interesting, though occasionally simplistic, and definitely fun. (One problem I had with the quiz she posted was some slanting on the questions, at least one regarding teaching family values in schools. This questions is actually getting at your feelings about allowing prayer in schools....possibly misleading to some.)

I found a couple of other quizzes.

Candidate Match Game, from USAToday. The questions are more complex. However, it is annoying because they haven't totally eliminated those who have dropped out. So, like four years ago, I come up as supporting Dennis Kucinich.

Electoral Compass USA
. I like this one because it shows where you land on the political landscape.

Have fun, and happy voting to anyone lucky enough to vote tomorrow on Super Tuesday. Our primary isn't until April, and I still don't even know if I can vote. Despite my obvious political leanings, I disagree with having to declare a party.


Kara said...

I took the electoral compass usa quiz. I was again closest to Hillary Clinton and the furthest from Mike Huckabee.

Kara said...

It was Hillary again in the usa today quiz.

Emilie said...

obama baby.

as you can see, i stole this and put it on my blog too... maybe we can spread the word.

love you!