Friday, February 15, 2008

Cooper's Song

Cooper has been "singing" little songs lately. Mostly, they seem to be about his family, with lots of repeating "Mama, lalalala, Paaaa, dodododo, Bubba eeyeyeyey". (It is necessary to understand that Scout, our trustworthy and ever patient chocolate lab, has been renamed Bubba by Cooper. It probably doesn't help that we have now taken to calling Scout Bubba. Poor dog!)

This morning after a breakfast that consisted mostly of Cooper throwing his food off his tray onto the floor, me telling him I would have to take it away if he did, and Cooper eating only a few bites of his breakfast, I caught him singing away. It sure is hard to hold on to any frustration when you see this. Enjoy Cooper's song.

As a side note, perhaps even better than the singing itself is watching Cooper watch himself and sing right along. One of these days I will capture the joy in Cooper's face when he watches his favorite movie star....Cooper Henry Talsnes Dahl.


jeremy said...

Best ever.

Kara said...

omg so cute!! I love how Scout is right in the mix!!!