Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One Small Change

A few weeks ago I found a wonderful blog, Hip Mountain Mama. Here, you will find an amazing challenge that has been presented for the new year....make one change to create a positive environmental impact. I've joined the challenge. The change I’m making in our household is a commitment to only buying meat and eggs that treat the animals in ethical ways…free range, grass fed, etc. This is inspired by recently watching Food, Inc., along with knowledge I've had for years, but have been ignoring in favor of convenience and frugality.

Part of the challenge includes blogging about the experience once per month. So far, things have been going quite easily, mostly because I haven't had reason to buy meat, until tonight. I faced the need to purchase cold-cuts for making Erik's lunches. I was skeptical that I would be able to do this in a way that goes along with my commitment. However, I was pleasantly surprised that I could get some turkey at the main-stream grocery store. It is so great to see that it is possible to make conscientious choices and not need specialty grocery stores to do so.

My biggest worry about my commitment is the cost. I know that it is much more expensive to purchase meat that is free of antibiotics, that respects the animals, etc. In order to offset some of the increased cost I plan to increase the amount of meatless meals we eat. We already eat meatless suppers at least once per week, but I'm thinking this will probably increase to 3 or so times per week. I see this as a positive side effect, since the environmental impact of eating vegetarian is so much less.

Are you up for this kind of challenge? Join in!!! Visit Hip Mountain Mama and read all about it and sign up.


Jehnie said...

I just finished watching Food Inc and I feel like I should be *doing* something. I'll keep taking the small steps I can. But I appreciate your conscious efforts to make a change. Good luck!

Hip Mountain Mama said...

Good for you!! I have Food Inc on hold at the library so I can watch it soon. I have been really obsessed with food over the past few years, but have been slacking lately. I need to watch this film to get back on track!

Kirsten D said...

I haven't seen Food Inc. but I'd like to. I think. Shopping at my Co-op makes buying "happy meat", local food and organic easier, but not always less expensive. Though I'm presented with a lot of more ethical choices in the store, I get a little panicky half way through the shopping trip and start choosing the cheaper, conventional stuff.

One thing I am trying is to make all our own breads and I am totally a scone-pusher these days rather than a cereal-bar buyer to save on the packaging. And it feels good that my kids start the day off by eating things I've made for them. I buy local organic milk but butter--it practically kills me to pay $7 for organic local butter. I can't do it! Maybe because I go through too much of it?! The baking, it has it's downsides!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiring post and link. I hope that it is not to late to sign up. I have food Inc reserved at the library as well and can't wait to view it! Thanks for sharing your change!