Monday, January 11, 2010

Tiny Vignettes

I love the idea of enjoying the corners of your home, a concept created by SouleMama on her amazing blog. Aren't the corners of your home where you really live? where your memories are made? or even, simply where you spend so much time thinking or not thinking or just gazing off into the past or future or somewhere in between?

As I washed the dishes I realized some corners can be improved upon, with simple ease. I was staring at this.

While there is nothing wrong here, it is just a tiny little mess that is tiring to stare at, and I stare at it a lot.

As I waited for a pot of water to boil, I transformed the space.

I quickly cleaned the window and sill and cleared the clutter. Then I created two simple candle holders using empty baby food jars filled with brown rice. I wanted to use the lovely beeswax birthday candles from Erik's celebration, so I stuck them in the rice. The purple rubber bands from the asparagus I was cooking added a nice little touch to the jars.

A little bowl to hold Ellery's pacifiers looks much better.

Now, the sill is neat and clean and has a simple loveliness. A much nicer vignette for my eyes to gaze upon while preparing a meal or washing dish after dish.

What little vignettes have you created around your home?

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