Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cooper's Big Day

Everyone with children knows that there is nothing linear about child development. For whatever reason kids grow in fits and bursts. Today was one of those days for Coop.

Today Cooper:

  • Zipped his coat all by himself
  • Jumped off the high jumping board at school (he has been very scared to do this all year)
  • Put his coat on all by himself at school
  • Realized, while doing it, that he knows how to skip
The pride in my boys eyes, inspiring. Leaps and bounds. The boy is growing fast.


Anonymous said...

Sitting here crying for my daughter as she watches her child grow and change and for Cooper for growing and changing so fast away from my touch and my eyes. So hard being a gramma at times but overall the best title I will ever have! <3

Imene said...

These precious moments when you realize how far they've come from babyhood...they make me feel joy and nostalgy.

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