Sunday, March 28, 2010

Painted Rocks

Cooper and I completed the wonderful Wishing Rocks activity in the Spring edition of Rhythm of the Home. What a fun activity!

We first carefully chose a number of rocks. Then I led Cooper in a conversation about what wishes we have. I don't think that Cooper completely understands what wishes are yet (is that weird since he's 4?). He kept talking about who he wanted to give his rocks to, which is sweet in its own right. I decided to just talk about all the things I want to do this spring and summer, which was a bit more concrete for Coop.

Cooper really enjoyed painting the rocks. We used my "good" acrylics to complete the project and I'm so glad we did. Cooper took his brush at one point and dragged it through all the colors. The effect was perfect, and gave us the swirly, almost marbled look on parts of the rocks. The best part of the entire project was Cooper singing to himself "I'm an artist! I'm an artist! I'm an artist!" This from my boy who used to avoid any sort of artsy activity. What a brilliant change!

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beth said...

Hi Kelly,

It was such fun to find my way to your blog today--love all your artistic endeavors and reading about your life and children. I spent a delightful few minutes reading past blogs and catching up. We (here in Maine) wish you still lived in our state but are glad to know you are happy where you are--know your folks are so happy to have you closer to home. But do plan to visit here someday soon--Emilie would surely love it and I would love to see you and your family.

Love to all, Beth Brand