Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Nature Table

I've wanted to create a nature table for some time now. I love the idea of celebrating the seasons with the kids, taking the time to reflect on the passage of time, and closely observing nature and all it offers every day. But, living in a seriously tiny house I just couldn't figure out where it could be. Then I read a suggestion to put it on top of a piano and thought...that I can do!

Our little spring nature table:

My favorite part of the nature table is being able to use some really special items. I have a number of beautiful embroidered napkins and tea towels that were my grandmothers. I will never forget the day my mom and I were going through some of her things and seeing all the exquisite linens. I could not bare to see them go. The reality is that I have never used any of them. But I love knowing that they are there. I knew they would be just perfect as the base for the spring nature table.

This one is Cooper's favorite. He said that it was perfect for Spring.

Such a sweet matching yellow and blue set.

Can you get over how adorable that little flower is?

The detail, the beauty...amazing.

I also used two figurines that were Erik's mother's. The Beatrix Potter bunnies are just perfect. They eventually will be displayed in Ellery's room, but with her so little and her dresser working as her changing table, they presently live on a display shelf safely inside her closet. But not now! It's so nice to be able to see them every day.

Cooper and I will be adding to the table throughout spring. Watch for updates!


Emilie said...

yes, those linens are amazing. they don't make stuff like that anymore. very sweet.

yay for spring! (it snowed here yesterday)

Anonymous said...

Those are actually your great grandmother's! Gramma got them from her house then you got them from her's! Life goes on.... I love that you love them as much as Gramma did. Don't think Bama ever used them or Gramma either for that matter. They should be used! <3

Amber MamaMoontime said...

Aren't linens wonderful. I have put dibs on my mother in laws hand-embroidered collection. Luckily, not one of her six children want them as they think they are daggy(sad!) but they will be well loved here.

sunnymama said...

Your spring nature table is so sweet. I love the painted rocks around the candle and the linens are beautiful. :)