Sunday, April 27, 2008

Great Time Saver

I recently subscribed to a very helpful online meal planning site called Relish!. For a small fee, similar to a magazine subscription, I choose 5 meals from their list of 15 for the week and they put together the recipes and grocery shopping list. It saves me the time it took every Sunday to plan our meals for the week and has added some nice variety to our meals. While the recipes occasionally need some minor tweaking (such as the time of cooking meat) and the grocery list needs to be scrutinized (the first week I bought a bunch of fresh parsley, because it was on the shopping list, only to realize that it was only used to garnish the plate....would definitely have skipped that!) Relish! is a nice addition to my weekly meal planning routine. The website also has some additional features of soups, desserts, and freezer meals, which I haven't tried yet, but will at some point. I definitely recommend Relish! to all busy moms.

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Emilie said...

i'm so there... just what i need.