Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Major Shout Out

I want to publicly thank Sarah Jessica Parker for what I really feel is a personal gift from her to me. Yes, that may be overstating it a bit, but she has given me a gift nonetheless.

A few weeks ago I finally went out and bought myself some new clothes, something I've needed for quite a while. I decided to check out SJP's new line of clothes, Bitten, at Steve and Barry's, which I saw her promote on Oprah and Project Runway. I, being very frugal, was struck by the fact that nothing in her line costs more than $20. There is also something incredibly trustworthy about Sarah J., as well as the fact that she embodies confident style, that made the line very appealing to me. Well, I was so excited by what I saw I left the store with 12 new shirts, one pair of jeans, two spring/fall jackets, and two pairs of sunglasses, all for less than $180! Yes, amazing. And the clothes are so awesome. I really feel like I've got a little bit of style and can feel myself walking with my head raised a bit higher.

So, thank you Sarah Jessica. You have really made a huge difference for one working mom in Pittsburgh.

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Emilie said...

let's see some shots of you modeling your new clothes. and why can't i buy that stuff in bangor?!