Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pittsburgh vs. Detroit

The Detroit and Pittsburgh skylines hint at the difference between these two cities I have called home.

Since moving to Pittsburgh 3 1/2 years ago I have felt that it is a very similar place to my home of Detroit, Michigan. I site the failed/failing industrial roots and friendly down-to-earth people as reasons behind my comparison. The biggest difference between Detroit and Pittsburgh is the vibrancy of the cities. Pittsburgh has it; Detroit's is, well, bleak to say the least. Which may be why many Pittsburghers look unimpressed when I tell them I feel like Pittsburgh is similar to Detroit.

For more on one Detroit Freepress writer's feelings and observations on the similarities between Detroit and Pittsburgh, read here. Apparently, she thinks Detroit could learn something from Pittsburgh. One obvious place to start is with Detroit's current leadership, but that is an even bleaker topic than economics. I hope that Detroit can learn from other cities like Pittsburgh. The decline of the city that was at one time the economic center of the world is simply heartbreaking.

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sjhw810 said...

Youu are so sweet to remember your home as the "economic center"!!!!

I just love you to death!