Thursday, April 10, 2008

Long Week

Erik is in San Francisco this week. He left on Sunday and returns early Saturday morning. This is the longest trip he's taken, and it sure does feel long. Not only being a single mother, but also an extra busy week with work--big meeting with lots of paper work yesterday and a crisis with one of my families that had me on the phone with the mother until almost 11:00pm. Today, my busiest day, had me working until 6:00pm, picking up Cooper, grabbing a quick meal via the Wendy's drive-thru, settling Coop into his meal and Go Diego Go, all before tutoring at 6:30. Now, my day is finally wrapping up and while I'm tired, I feel ready for another full day tomorrow. I have to admit that as I drove into the driveway tonight I found myself saying "Okay, can you please come home now?" It is empowering to know that I can do it all, if even for short periods of time. It is also comforting to know how much I miss Erik and how something is missing from every day that he is thousands of miles away.

The huge positives from the week:

  • A new sandbox for Cooper and amazing weather for playing outside.
  • I attended the first in a six week Introduction to Zen course.
  • My geometry tutoring students really seemed to understand their work this week.
  • Endless smiles from children who work so hard to learn how to fit into our world.

What a long week, what an wonderful week.

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