Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring is Here

I really feel it today. Cooper and I have been playing outside every day for the past few, and I feel like a new person. Some windows are open, the heat is off. Aaaah, the joys of Spring.

My boy is growing and changing so much. It always seems to hit me in great bounding leaps, like he wakes up one morning and is a different boy with a new skill or a new way of perceiving his world. This week he is exerting his independence and those of you with toddlers can probably get a hint of what that means. I actually put little Coop in his first "time out" today, something I didn't think I would ever do a couple days ago. (While the infraction was minor, purposefully dumping his baggy of goldfish on the floor, the "bigger picture" is the fact that he listens to what I ask him to do, thinks about it, gives me a look like "yeah right I'm going to do that. Whatever, mom." and then walks away to do something else.)

On Sunday afternoon I got a special treat. Cooper has a tendency to be what I call a bad waker upper, which for him means he is often out of sorts when he gets up. Sunday was one of those bad waking days following his nap, so I cuddled him on the couch. My baby boy, my growing little man, fell back to sleep right there on my chest. I relished in smelling his sweet breath, in feeling his warmth, his small sleeping twitches. I savored every moment, because I know that these moments are so fleeting. It could very well be that Cooper will only fall asleep in my arms a few more times. Yes, I will lift his sleeping body many more times, but to fall asleep in my arms. What a treat.

The growing boy.


Emilie said...

what a face! he does look SO much older all of a sudden. no more baby coop. nice shots.

and spring? don't even talk to me.

sjhw810 said...

You just wrote that to make me cry!

I love you both more than spring and robins and daffodils!