Sunday, December 13, 2009

Advent Day 12

Another lesson in flexibility....

Today read Make Ginger Cookies. This was to prepare for Sankta Lucia Day, which is our Advent Day 13. However, we made last minute plans to drive to Dayton to spend the evening with our friends Jamie, Nilesh, William, Annie, and Graham. What a treat!!! There is nothing quite like spending time with good friends.

We did still manage to make cookies, with an idea shared by my friend Emilie. Reindeer cookies!

The kids had fun making them. I loved watching the individuality expressed by each.

William seemed to like lots of chocolate chips and thought it was super cool that his reindeer had many eyes.

Annie seemed more interested in consuming the decorations as well as the raw dough. She also practiced beautiful excess...I think the pile of red sprinkles on her plate exceeded the cookie dough.


Cooper worked diligently to create cookies that looked as close to my examples as possible, requesting help and support to do so, balanced on the edge of a break down when a step went a bit awry. Ah, the my son, the perfectionist.

I failed to take any after pictures. Suffice it to say that the kids and adults enjoyed eating them.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day! I love that Annie is drinking a beer and has wonderful red sprinkles to spread across Ohio! And Cooper and William so serious. What a great Christmas memory for all your children!

Emilie said...

I'm so glad you tried these! I bought all the stuff for them and will do them one night this week. Good work! xo

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