Thursday, December 3, 2009

Advent Day 3

Cooper is so excited every morning when we open the advent box of the day. He is especially enjoying the addition of some chocolates in the box.


Since Cooper has been super interested in Rudolph this year we DVRed it and watched it during quiet time. Here he is all cuddled up on the couch ready to watch!
Unfortunately, the DVR somehow messed up so we were left with the first 6 minutes and the last 20 minutes only. What? I tried my best to fill him in on what had happened, but since most of what he watched were the scary parts I'm pretty sure that the whole thing left a bad taste in his mouth.

We did have a great time making paper snowflakes earlier in the day, but I failed to take any pictures. I was pleasantly surprised by how much Cooper liked the project as he is typically not very into artsy craftsy activities. He especially liked unfolding the paper after making so many cuts to see what the snowflake looked like.

For those wondering how I made the advent calendar, it was incredibly easy. I bought the Countdown Calendar at a scrapbooking store, bought some scrapbooking paper, cut the paper to fit the boxes with the template provided, and adhered the paper to the box. The Countdown Calendar came with number stickers for each box. The most difficult part was picking out the papers I wanted. Super easy, super cute (I think) and it should last for several years. I love the fact that I can do whatever I want with the calendar and customize it to meet our needs.


Anonymous said...

What about day 4???? Sam and I are waiting! Well, actually she doesn't care, but I do!

Lee said...

I am stealing this idea, you are brilliant!