Thursday, December 10, 2009

Advent Days 8, 9 and 10

It's been a bit of a whirl-wind few days so here's an update covering all three.

Day 8, which was Tuesday, was all about making presents for Cooper's classmates and teachers. The salt dough ornaments from Day 7 were the gifts for his classmates, along with a chocolate ornament from Trader Joes. Cooper worked diligently to paint 19 (!) ornaments. I have been amazed by Cooper's willingness to partake in crafty activities with me. So much fun!!

I love these little fingers!
The finished ornaments

After the kids were in bed I set about making Holiday Granola for his teachers. I did a trial run over the weekend and was amazed by 1. how easy it was and 2. how amazingly delicious it is. I highly recommend making this, and will include the recipe for those interested.

Erik and I worked to package everything up so it was ready for delivery at school on Wednesday morning. This was Cooper's last day of school for Christmas break.

Day 9 was slated to be a day for making Christmas cards. Unfortunately I had a rough day and the activity got scrapped. I just couldn't get it together. I'm still plagued by a baby who has a couple nights per week of waking every two hours. Waking two times is a really great night for her. Good thing she is so darn cute! The sleep deprivation is a rough road at almost 8 months, along with hormonal shifts, the stresses of being a mom to little ones, etc. etc. etc.

So we moved on to Day 10, and shifted making Christmas cards to today. This activity went much how I imagined that the craft activities would go, with Cooper saying "no can do that by yourself". I got him to do a couple, and then I worked alone. There are no pictures, because I don't want to spoil the surprise for those who will be receiving one.

Today I also started making more of an effort to get myself back on track by trying to stay healthy with a new vitamin and herbal regimen. Healthy mamas make for happy kids, and better Advent activities too!!


Emilie said...

hey! go kelly, go! i was planning on making granola for some friends this year too, and I will try your recipe! The packages are all so sweet for Coop's class. We made our ornaments and have to finish decorating them, then skyler will give them to her classmates. i'm impressed that you are doing all of this cool christmas stuff with cooper. I bet this will be a new yearly tradition. i am going to keep stealing your ideas. Also, I'm getting very used to your frequent blog posts, so you will need to keep it up. love you!

(don't need to say this for you to know it, but how much would i kill to come over and do crafty things with our kids together?????)

Jehnie said...

The ornaments look great! Coop did a lovely job. I like seeing the regular updates from you guys!