Sunday, December 20, 2009

Busy times

We are all busy getting ready for Christmas and still enjoying the Advent activities. But, I've been bad about taking pictures, and have had some big Advent failures. The worst failure was having shopping for Christmas gifts as an activity. What was I thinking? This is not fun for a 3 year old. Let's just say there were countless melt downs in front of the many displays geared towards him. I definitely set him up for failure on that one.

One day we walked up to the neighborhood coffee shop for hot chocolate. Cooper still remains unimpressed by hot chocolate and it remained mostly in his cup. He did like playing with the toys at the coffee shop though.

Cooper was thrilled with the minimal snow we got a few days ago and insisted on going out in his PJs.


We all had a great time building a ginger bread house, especially me, since Cooper did some and told me I could do the rest by myself. He is always complimentary when he loses interest, and tells me that I'm doing such a great job. So sweet. Cooper was right...I did do a good job this year, don't you think?


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