Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Advent Day 13

Celebrate Sankta Lucia Day!!!!

We had our very first Lucia celebration. For those who don't know, it is a Swedish tradition, and you can learn more here. I'm definitely still learning about the holiday and figuring out how I would like to celebrate. So what did we do for Sankta Lucia Day?

We had a lovely breakfast and lit lots of candles. We had minimal traditional foods present, mostly because it is pretty dairy heavy. Since I can't eat dairy due to Ellery's sensitivities, I wasn't willing to make things that I couldn't taste. Selfish...maybe a little. The breakfast was delicious, if less than traditional. We ate pancakes with lingonberry jelly, raspberry danish, and bacon. I made the pancakes from a dairy free multigrain box mix using extra rice milk so the batter was thinner, more like Swedish pancakes. They were super delicious. All the candles gave the morning a magical feeling and Cooper was especially enchanted by it all. I think it was a successful start to a new tradition and I'm looking forward to adding to it next year.

Here's Erik lighting the candles. There is even a candle attached to each plate.

Cooper enjoying the lights

Later in the day we went to Cosi for the first time as a family. It was surprisingly empty...everyone must have been out doing Christmas shopping instead. A wonderful end to a three day family weekend that was pretty ideal. Lucky us!

And last, a couple rare photos of me.

Trying to capture the morning breakfast

Still in my pjs...and yes, I have had that shirt since high school
Riding a rocket with Cooper
Can you see how much I love that boy?

*Erik shared some of his pictures with me for this entry (which is showing off how not so great my pictures are. oh well).


Anonymous said...

You are the modt remarkable mother I know...and I know you did NOT get any of this from me!!!!

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