Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Second Day of Advent

Cooper has been ramping up for this activity for weeks, maybe even months. Every trip to Target includes a request to look in the toy section so he can see what he wants to add to his Christmas list.

Since Cooper is only 3 he dictated and I wrote. The letter read as follows:

Dear Santa,

I want plain Mario Brothers and Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics games on Wii. I like the Olympics so much and my heart beats. I love the presents that you give me that I ask for. I also want marbles. Bring Ellery a rattle she can share with Cooper. I like to run and play outside with my mom.



My thoughts on this letter...I love how he says "my heart beats" which is his slightly mixed up way of saying how much he loves the game. He knows there is some connection between love and heart but the connection is slightly confused. I also like how he says "I love the presents that you give me that I ask for." I've talked with him about how Santa doesn't always bring everything you ask for, and sometimes he brings things you don't ask for and those presents are great too. Cooper is committing himself to love what he asks for but is not willing to love everything Santa brings. Very safe. I'm fairly certain through various lines of questioning that he has no idea what marbles are and have no idea how that made the letter, but he is very insistent that he wants marbles. And you just have to love how he responded to my suggestion to ask for something for Ellery since she can't write a letter. When asked if Ellery will be able to share his presents he said the obvious, "she is too little".

Cooper's favorite picture
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Anonymous said...

You are a marvel, my precioius daughter! And Cooper is my heart!!!!