Saturday, December 5, 2009

Advent Days 4 and 5

We had a very busy day yesterday with school, a haircut for me (and a babysitter for the kids) and then Erik's work holiday party. Hence, the double post for days 4 and 5.

Due to the busy-ness of the day Friday, we did a simple craft I got at Target. I was impressed by how Cooper was able to complete the project almost totally independently.


Cooper hung the door hanger on the front door
Here you can see the paper snowflakes we made.

Today Erik and Cooper hung some lights outside our house. Cooper picked out the ones that he liked...colorful icicles. Not what I would have picked but I've realized that it really isn't about me and what I think are nice decorations. He was thrilled to see them all lit up tonight. I know he is going to love walking around the neighborhood at night in the next few weeks to see all the lights.


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